welcome to my world

S.G.Owen is an untrained, spontaneous Scottish artist. After living in Denmark, Wales, Spain, the USA, and London, S.G. came home to live in Argyll in the west of Scotland. That's enough of the official bit - here is how S.G.Owen puts it.....

"I used to work in conventional jobs but always pretty much hated them; all I wanted to do was create things. I thought I didn’t have permission to do so, as I hadn’t been to art school. It took until I was 40 before I was able to think 'stuff it, I’m doing it anyway!"

"An 'outsider artist', I started painting, drawing, and crocheting in naive style as S.G.Owen. Folk asked to buy the things I made. It went well, and gave me more satisfaction than any job I’d ever had. As well as painting on canvas, I also hunt for evocative rocks on the beach and paint those. I like painting on recycled Victorian slate too. I’m influenced by the flora and fauna of Scotland, my travels, neurodiversity, feminism, the body, and nature. My latest works feature empty boats as a metaphor for loss after the traumatic loss of my sister Miriam earlier this year. "

"I love the work of Kahlo, Rousseau and Hockney. I love the work of Danny Gretscher, Billy Childish, John McKie and Beryl Cook. Yayoi Kusama is pretty much my Higher Power."

"S.G.Owen paintings and painted stones & slates have been on show in Dunoon (Burgh Hall; Fynewood) and Stoke Mandeville (Obsidian Art). I’ve featured in a number of online art magazines. You can buy my work vis instagram or contact me directly on hello@Sgowen.scot, as  my website is a wee bit out of date! I will be taking part in COWAL OPEN STUDIOS 2024 collaborating with artist Jill Bryson in Kilmun and would love to see you!

"I’m delighted that my art has been bought widely and displayed in gardens and on walls in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, the USA, Sweden, and Australia. Visit the reviews page to read what some nice buyers have said about my work. You're welcome to contact me for a chat or to get more information about one of my pieces."

"Thanks for visiting my website - I hope you find something you love."
business card S.G.Owen naive artist and outsider artist in dunoon